Jordan set to announce bid for House speakership as teen sexual abuse scandal allegations mount

Only in the Republican party would you seriously consider a new Speaker who is accused of tacitly aiding and abetting the sexual assault of perhaps thousands of college-age boys.

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan is announcing today his bid to become the next Speaker of the US House, which raises uncomfortable parallels to the other Republican House Speaker who had a boy-sex problem involving wrestlers problem, Denny Hastert.

Jordan, now a conservative family-values Republican from Ohio, was the assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University from 1987 to 1995. During his tenure, the team doctor, Richard Strauss, is accused of having molested up to 1,500 college boys. At least 11 of Jordan's former wrestlers say that the sexual abuse was so prevalent, Jordan must have known about it. And two of the wrestlers say they specifically told Jordan about the molestation, and Jordan did nothing to help. One says Jordan actually "snickered" when told of the abuse, before saying he'd have nothing to do with it.

The doctor also reportedly took pictures of his teenage victims, while measuring their scrotums.

Jordan calls his accusers liars, and says the entire scandal is the work of a deep-state working to torpedo his race for the speakership. No word from Jordan on how the deep state was able to go back in time 40 years and molest 1,500 boys all in the hopes of harming Jordan's political career in 2018.


Jordan is a co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus, a far-right conservative group created because the Republican Study Group, which included then Cong. Mike Pence, wasn't conservative enough in their eyes. The House Freedom Caucus claims to be devoted to defending morality and America's national security, but in fact the organization has become little more than a protection racket for corrupt politicians, including their support for credibly-accused child molester Roy Moore, their ongoing efforts to undermine the Mueller probe of Russia's ongoing attack on our elections, and their recent defense of Jim Jordan in the face of growing accusations of ignoring the burgeoning scandal at Ohio State.

The investigation at Ohio State is ongoing, and the university has already identified over 100 victims. No one knows what the final investigation will find, in terms of total numbers of victims, but also about Jim Jordan's role in covering up the abuse. The local paper has called for Jim Jordan to come clean about what he knows, to no avail. It would be the height of folly for Republicans in Congress to risk having a new Speaker brought down by a teen sex scandal, but these are the times we live in.


John Aravosis