Jim Jordan says 150+ sexual assault victims "choreographed" their abuse decades ago, all to hurt him today

The victims in the Ohio State sexual assault scandal now number over 150, per the latest reporting by the NYT. Yet, GOP Rep. Jim Jordan is doubling down in a new interview, claiming that the accusations are all "choreographed" by "the left" to hurt his political career.

jim jordan ohio state sexual abuse scandal

How exactly do you choreograph 150 victims of sexual assault?

That's a lot of crisis-actors to drum up, let alone coordinate. Jordan is alleging that the mysterious "left" has involved over 150 people in some grand conspiracy to harm his run for the speakership, and to stop him from undermining the Mueller investigation, and not one of those 150 people spilled the beans when interviewed by the police?

I'm still scratching my head on how all this works. Does Jordan think Democrats somehow got Dr. Strauss to molest 150+ college boys over the past 40 years, all in preparation for Jim Jordan's race for the speakership in late 2018? That's impressive prescience.

Maybe - just bear with me here - but maybe, rather than 150 victims of abuse over a 20 year period being part of some elaborate conspiracy to indict a man who nobody even knew would be a congressman some day - just maybe, instead, the 150+ victims are telling the truth.

John Aravosis