OSU doc, who worked with Jim Jordan, took photos of his victims, measured their scrotums, during unnecessary genital exams

A new class action lawsuit alleges that accused serial sexual molester, Dr. Richard Strauss, the sports doctor at Ohio State University while GOP Rep. Jim Jordan coached wrestling at the school, used to photograph students while giving them unnecessary genital exams.

The complaint also alleges that Strauss used to "regularly measure" one victim's scrotum.

Strauss is accused of sexually abusing up to 1,500 Ohio State University students over a twenty-year period, and Jordan is accused by eleven of those students of knowing about the ongoing abuse of his wrestlers and doing little to stop it.

While a number of complainants have stepped forward, this is the first we've heard of Strauss photographing his victims. From the court filing:

While attending OSU as a wrestler in the 1980s, Plaintiff was forced to repeatedly seek medical treatment from Strauss because he was the wrestling team’s doctor. Strauss used this position of trust and authority to sexually abuse Plaintiff on multiple occasions, by engaging in acts that include, but are not limited to: sexual harassment and inappropriate touching during examinations, including regularly touching Plaintiff’s genitals and breast areas, often at the same time, regularly measuring Plaintiff’s scrotum, and taking photographs of Plaintiff.

Jordan, who to date has claimed that the eleven accusers are lying, is a founding member of the US House Freedom Caucus, a grouping of the most conservative family-values anti-gay members of the US House. The Freedom Caucus, along with US House Speaker Paul Ryan, have thrown their full support behind Jordan in this scandal.

John Aravosis