Facing growing accusations of having enabled sexual assault, GOP Rep Jim Jordan to keynote Maryland GOP dinner on July 17

Democrats are crying foul, as the Republican party of Maryland plans to host embattled GOP Rep. Jim Jordan at a Lincoln Day dinner in only a matter of days, July 17.


The Maryland Democratic party was quick to call out the GOP for hosting Jordan in the middle of a sexual abuse scandal where the Ohio congressman is facing growing accusations that he tacitly abetted the molestation of college wrestlers under his purview as then- assistant coach.:

Today we are calling on Larry Hogan and Maryland Republicans to disinvite Jim Jordan from a high-dollar fundraiser they are hosting next week. Eight survivors have now accused Jim Jordan of turning a blind eye to their abuse, but apparently that doesn’t bother Larry Hogan. Hogan needs to make clear that there is zero tolerance for anyone who turns a blind eye to the abuse of children.

Jordan keynoted an earlier Lincoln Day dinner this year in Colorado, which means this is something he does. And now, those dinners are surely to become a point of contention in local politics nationwide.

The Prince George's County (Maryland) Republican party can be reached on Twitter here: @pggop

John Aravosis