Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial board excoriates Jim Jordan over Ohio State scandal

The editorial board of the Cleveland Plain Dealer blasted GOP Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH-4) this morning, writing that Jordan denying having any knowledge of the Ohio State sexual abuse scandal "doesn't pass the sniff test." 

From the Plain Dealer:

[T]he issue, to paraphrase what Tennessee Republican Sen. Howard Baker asked during Watergate, is this: "What - if anything - did Jim Jordan know about Strauss' misconduct? And when did Jim Jordan know it?"

And there, Jordan's staunch insistence that he never saw, heard or suspected anything as an assistant OSU wrestling coach from 1987 to 1995 just doesn't pass the sniff test. 

The paper also hit Jordan on his "locker room talk" defense:

Yet, as quoted by Eaton, here's what Jordan told FoxNews when asked whether he knew about Strauss' alleged misconduct with Ohio State wrestlers: "Conversations in the locker room are a lot different than people coming up and talking about abuse. No one ever reported any abuse to me."

That is, if no one said the words "I was sexually abused" out loud, despite any other evidence to the contrary, it did not happen?

With all due respect to Jordan, there's a slang word Ohioans use to describe such fine-line distinctions: "Weaseling."

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The fact that a prominent local paper is weighing in against Jordan doesn't help his chances at making this story go away any time soon. But it also puts Jordan in a bind. The congressman was too definitive in dismissing the accusations of now-11 men who were his former wrestlers. Jordan said categorically that he had heard nothing to suggest there was a problem. That leaves him no wiggle room, while the number of accusers is nearly-guaranteed to increase over time. At some point, Jordan is going to have to change his story. And it's likely to be too late by then for anyone to believe him.

John Aravosis