NYT: GOP embraces Jordan at their own peril

A new editorial in the NYT:

As a powerful congressman in his mid-50s, Mr. Jordan has repeatedly failed to stand up to a president whose morally sketchy behavior he witnesses on a daily basis. Can anyone really discount, with 100 percent certainty, the possibility that a 20-something Jim Jordan might have heard but chosen not to pursue horrifying rumors, or even specific allegations, that could have engulfed his entire university in scandal?

Knee-jerk, belligerent, circle-the-wagons, we’re-the-real-victims-here defiance has become the default attitude in Donald Trump’s Republican Party. It may in fact have become the party’s defining characteristic.

But while it plays well with angry, resentful elements of the Republican base, it’s unlikely to prove an enduringly popular message for the broader electorate. Roy Moore showed as much when he handed Democrats a Senate seat in blood-red Alabama. Lawmakers continue down this path at their own peril.

John Aravosis