Lead Jordan defender changes story

Russ Hellickson, the former head wrestling coach at Ohio State, while Representative Jim Jordan worked there as assistant wrestling coach, released a letter on Monday defending Jordan from charges that he knew about the ongoing sexual abuse of his wrestlers and did nothing about it. As part of his defense of Jordan, Hellickson claimed that no one had heard of any abuse at that time, including Hellickson himself.

But as NBC reports, Hellickson appears to contradict himself in a recent video, in which Hellickson describes the toxic sexual atmosphere in the wrestling locker room at Ohio State. In the video, Hellickson says things were so bad that he confronted the team doctor, Richard Strauss, who several athletes now charge with having sexually molested them during medical exams. He specifically complained to Strauss about being "too hands on" with the boys during exams, and about Strauss' penchant for spending an hour in the shower at the same time the wrestlers showered. 

If Hellickson had no idea there was a problem with Strauss, then why did he confront the doctor and tell him to cut it out? As the video shows, Hellickson knew exactly what the problem was.

In other words, the Monday letter defending Jordan is sham. And if Hellickson was so concerned about the situation at the time, then Jordan's claims of ignorance grow even less credible.

John Aravosis