Pelosi: 'Jim Jordan had a duty to protect' Ohio State wrestlers

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi weighed in today on the Jim Jordan sexual abuse scandal, which is sure to get Republicans seething, and that's probably Pelosi's plan. Anything that helps create a story around this scandal helps Democrats and hurts Republicans. And Pelosi weighing in certainly creates a story, and it goads Republicans into responding, which furthers the story even more.

From CNN:

Jim Jordan had a duty to protect them," she said in her first comments about the scandal. "They said he failed. They, the people who are accusing, said he failed. Rather than deny and dismiss them, he should fully cooperate with the investigation."
"He is someone who has always said about everybody, 'Oh, my gosh, look at his record, so and so should have known this, so and so should have known that.' Well, many people say he did know and by his own standard, he should have known."

John Aravosis