Ryan and other top Republicans publicly defend Jim Jordan

As his ninth accuser stepped forward, Jim Jordan hired a crisis PR firm this week to help push a more "pro-Jordan" spin to the media. This included releasing a statement from Jordan's former boss at Ohio State, then-Head Coach Russ Hellickson, who wrote that no one, Hellickson included, knew of the abuse at the time Jordan was there. Unfortunately for Hellickson, CNN found a video from only a month ago in which Hellickson admits that he knew about the allegations, and had confronted Dr. Strauss -- thus calling into question his more recent statement in defense of Jordan.

At the same time, the PR firm found several former wrestlers willing to vouch for Jordan. But even those wrestlers admitted they were either abused by Doc Strauss, or knew of the abuse. This adds more credence to the notion that the abuse was so widespread, and so notorious, that Jordan must have known as well.

Finally, today, Paul Ryan and other other House GOP leaders publicly defended Jordan, saying Jordan was "a man of honesty and a man of integrity." But the question remains: How does Paul Ryan know what Jim Jordan knew or did twenty to thirty years ago, especially since the very accusation Jordan now faces is that he hid the truth? Why wouldn't Jordan hide the truth from Paul Ryan as well? Not to mention, I'm sure House Republicans thought Denny Hastert was a man of integrity too, or they wouldn't have made him their Speaker. How did that work out?

John Aravosis